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Facilities visitors to this park can be accommodated at the YMCA Hostel or Moshi Hostel or Moshi Hotel in Moshi; Marangu and Kibo Hotels in Marangu. There are also two hostels at the Kilimanjaro National Park's headquarters. With the exception of Moshi Hotel, the rest arrange complete trips u[p the mountain. It is of necessity that climbers are suitably clothed and equipped. 

Hence warm clothing, dark glasses, boots, Balaclava helmet, mittens, sleeping bags, a first aid kit, and so forth, are all necessary for climbers. These are provided by the respective hotels. In addition to equipment, the hotels provide guides, porters, food, utensils, etc. Along the Marangu route, there are three huts where climbers spend their nights: Mandara Hut has several units which can accommodate sixty people; Horombo, the second hut, is the largest of all stations. It is a meeting point for ascending and descending people, with a capacity of 120 people. 

Kibo Hut takes sixty people too. In these huts there are bunks with mattresses and water is available in each station. There is radio communication at Horombo and Kibo Huts. These stations can communicate directly with the Headquarters at the gate whenever necessary. There is also a well trained Rescue Team for those who fall sick due to effects fo high altitude. They have stretchers and first -aid kits for these victims. A garage and a dispensary are at the Park Headquarters. 



Discover the beauty of Africa with Kilimanjaro Adventure Travel

Establishment: 1973 Area: 756 sq. km. Location: Situated between latitudes 2'50' and 3'10's and between longitudes 37'20' and 37'40'E. Principal features: Shira platea', Mawenzi and Kibo peaks. Altitude: Varies from 1,829m at Marangu gate to 5,895m at Kibo peak. Major attractions: Kibo peak and rain forest; flowers and the landscape. Common animals: Baboon, black and white clobus monkey, blue monkey, buffalo, bushpig, bushbuck, civet, duikers, eland, elephant, genet, giraffe, honey badger, hyrax, jackal, klipspringer, leopard, mongoose, redbuck, serval, squirrel, suni, warthog, waterbuck, vervet monkey etc. Distance and time: 48km. from Moshi and 90km. from Kilimanjaro International Airport; 45 minutes-1hr. from Moshi and 11/2 hrs. from Kilimanjaro International Airport. Best time to visit: September to November. Facilities: Kibo and Marangu Hotels, hostels, huts, camping sites, porters and guides, mountain equipment.

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